From start-ups to government institutions.
A micro global team is changing the world in a big way.
Founded in Chicago. Developed in Sydney. Now also in Tokyo.
A team made up of people with a diverse blend of cultures and
values formed from unique perspectives of viewing Japan from
the outside in. We build a bridge of ideas that connect people
around the world with our clients’ work. Because we are small,
we use our size to work for you for optimal impact.

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multi perspective innovation

Creating docking hubs that bridge culture

and bring new discoveries

to people around the world.

Innovation of ideas often come from

the borders of where different cultures

converge together in one space.

New frontiers in technology and global thinking

are created every second in the world today

by breaking down existing boundaries

of thought of what can be possible.

doq® embraces this thinking of reimagining

how culture and people can merge in new ways

in places all around the world.

We specialise in designing new meeting points

to connect people with culture at intersections

that have never existed before,

by creating bridges of experience that

bring people closer together.


global business creation

Build a bridge of ideas.

Connect the world more intimately together.

From online ventures to new start-ups,

anyone can participate in the global marketplace today.

You don’t have to be a big player

to be a global player.

doq® is creating our own definition of global.

Compact and agile.

Where it all starts with

a healthy respect for curiosity.

Where globalisation is not just about

 a collection of data.

We seek to understand

the hearts and minds of people.

We create a global business

with faces of people we can see.

We find joy in things out of the ordinary.

We believe that this is where

new ideas are born.

A micro global team

with big solutions for the world.


Yoshinori Sakuno
Group Managing Director

Originally from Hyogo, Japan Yoshi holds an Executive MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), University of New South Wales. Starting his career at advertising agency Leo Burnett’s Tokyo office (Beacon Communications) in 2001, he then continued on to Leo Burnett’s head office in Chicago in 2006, as the second team member in the company’s history to join from Japan. With over 18 years of international marketing experience for global blue chip brands, Yoshi specialises in building enduring brands and the commercialisation of products into new markets. In 2009, he founded cross-cultural marketing agency doq® in Sydney. Building a diverse cross-cultural team at doq®, partnering with clients from a broad range of industries, ranging from government institutions to start-ups, the company has grown significantly in the area of marketing products and solutions from Japan. In 2014, Yoshi was invited to speak as a cross-cultural marketing expert at TEDxTitech Tokyo. Since 2014, he has been appointed as the official Australian Market Advisor for the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan.

Ko Yamura
Managing Director doq Japan
(General Manager doq) 

Managing Director, doq Japan k.k. (General Manager at doq Pty Ltd)
Originally from Osaka, Japan, Ko holds a Master’s Degree from Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Applied Physics. In 2002, he began his career at advertising agency Leo Burnett’s Tokyo office (Beacon Communications), leading the communication strategy, TV advertisement implementation and in-store visual merchandising production for one of the world’s largest global fast food brands.

In 2010, Ko began work for the Japanese eyewear brand JINS. During his tenure in charge of both marketing and PR, domestic sales climbed to number one in Japan, fuelling business expansion in to China and America, in which he was also a key contributor.

Ko also led new product development for a PC use eyewear product, JINS PC (currently called JINS Screen), a breakthrough hit product that blocks blue light emitted from electronic devices, which sold over five million units and brought the Japanese brand to a global scale.

In April of 2016, Ko established doq Japan k.k. as the Managing Director.

Ryuichi Kaneda
Account Director - Head of Digital

Originally from Hyogo, Japan, in 2005 Ryuichi started his career at a commercial facility production company, leading event management and PR. In 2007, he worked at ALIEN EYE, a creative boutique agency specialising in digital as a COO / producer. In 2013, the company joined the Mullen Group, where he then worked as a COO / Head of Platforms, managing digital marketing and platform development for many global brands.
Ryuichi joined doq® in 2017 as Head of Digital, establishing d.doq Pty. Ltd (doq®‘s digital marketing agency) as Managing Director.

Naomi Hama
Account Director

Originally from Yokohama, Japan. Naomi spent nine years in Perth, Western Australia where she graduated from Curtin University with BA (Honours) degree. She started her career in marketing & advertising at McCANN World group in 2004 where she worked with a wide range of clients from different industries. Her main focus was Japanese blue-chip companies entering and operating in the Chinese market. After six years in Shanghai, she joined a Sydney based multicultural marketing agency, MULTICONNEXIONS in 2010. She worked as a head of client servicing. Clients included finance, telecommunications, FMCG and government. In 2013, she joined DDB Tokyo office as a business director in charge of an international automobile client account. She joined doq® in February 2017.

Mihoko Kurosawa
Account Supervisor

Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Mihoko holds a Master’s Degree in Tourism, Hotel and Event Management from the University of Queensland. Mihoko’s passion lies in connecting cultures and people through tourism and events, and began her career managing logistics for conferences seminars and receptions at White & Case, a prestigious international law firm in Tokyo. After joining doq® in 2014, Mihoko has utilised her knowledge and skills to delivery campaigns and events for clients such as the Japan National Tourism Organization’s Sydney Office, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, Aomori Prefecture, Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau’s, All Nippon Airways and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

She holds the title of doq® “Crew of the Year” for 2016 and 2015, an award given to the company’s most valuable employee.

Akiko Nagai
Account Manager

Originally from Yamaguchi, Japan, Akiko holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Chuo University’s Department of Business Administration. In 1998, she joined Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd, the company famous for inventing the instant cup noodle. At Nissin, Akiko managed sales promotions and events for the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan and Korea, among many other new product launches, product concept development, consumer research, package design, advertising campaign implementation and distribution management. Akiko is proud to have work and life experiences across Australia, U.S.A and Japan as well as her additional job titles which include ‘mother of two children’ and ‘cafe barista’. In 2013 she joined doq®, implementing BtoB and BtoC events for clients such as Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, Japan External Trade Organization and Hakkoda (Aomori Prefecture). Akiko is now back in her home country, at doq Japan k.k., where she is passionate about delivering superior marketing and event management support to the team.

Mariko Ishii
Account Manager

Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Mariko holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of English Communication and Ergonomics Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tamagawa University. In 2012, she began her career at a leading consumer and lifestyle marketing & PR agency as an Account Executive. She worked primarily with global brands looking to expand their market in Japan, across the home furnishings, retail, cosmetics, clothing and tourism industries. She was interviewed and featured for one of her projects for a tourism board in “Koho no Shikakenin tachi” released by the Japan PR association in early 2016. Mariko joined doq® in 2017 to utilise her marketing & PR experience and knowledge of the world’s third largest market.

Daniel Eddy
Digital Marketing Manager

Originally from Sydney, Australia. Daniel has been in Digital Marketing for the past 8 years. He started his career by establishing his own social media agency at the age of 16, eventually selling it a few years later. He then joined a premier full service advertising agency where he honed his digital skills further. In 2014, he relocated to Tokyo to be involved in the startup scene, where he worked with various startup companies lending his digital marketing skills as a growth hacker. After spending his time in the Japanese startup scene, Daniel joined doq® in 2017, bringing his cross-cultural digital expertise to help brands across the globe penetrate Asian markets, as well as Asian brands wanting to enter the Western market.

Ai Hiratsuka
Account Executive

Originally from Hida Takayama, Gifu, Japan, Ai holds a Bachelor’s of Biological Science from Shizuoka University, Japan. After graduating, she joined Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K. of Johnson & Johnson as a Medical Representative where she managed the Nagoya and Gifu territories, marketing and selling a portfolio of Central Nervous System products to doctors and hospital pharmacists. Born and raised in Hida Takayama, a famous tourist spot in Japan, her passion lies in contributing to the vitalisation of regional Japan by introducing Japanese culture to the world. She is also passionate about creating bridges that connect the world more intimately through cross-cultural marketing. Ai joined doq® in 2016 as a Team Assistant.

Ayako Fujiwara
Account Executive

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Ayako started her career as a Director of Digital Content at SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC. After her first position, she decided to move to Australia to improve her English skills. In 2012, she returned to Tokyo to join DeNA Co. Ltd., an internet company specialising in creating platform services, digital content and e-commerce, as a Director. She was responsible for an offshore project to develop an application for the US market and it was through this experience where her interest in the marketing field grew. Following this, she worked at a number of Internet ad agencies and startups, gaining experience working on digital marketing for domestic and international clients. This led to a strong interest in cross-cultural marketing. She joined doq® Tokyo office where she hopes to continue to gain further experience in this area.

Kana Mizuoka
Account Executive

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Kana completed a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of California Los Angeles. A strong interest in international business inspired Kana to work abroad. She has spent the last 3.5 years working in Japan in e-commerce and marketing and is now ready to bring her skills to life through working on a broad range of events. Her goals include working for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympics back in Japan. In order to reach her goals, Kana began working at doq® in April 2017 to begin her career in international marketing.

Satsuki Hosokawa
Assistant Account Executive

Originally from Chiba, Japan, Satsuki completed a Bachelor of Arts-International Communication. Throughout his degree he has focused on cross-cultural communication and global diversity, analyzing how culture, society and media coverage can contribute to how globalization impacts us. Satsuki has experience in the fields of public relations and social campaigns, having worked with local clients to manage campaigns and provide effective solutions. Satsuki is passionate about building a bridge between different cultures and thereby discovering the resulting value that connects the world together.

Yujiro Abe

Originally from Aichi. Growing up with traditional Japanese culture, Yujiro has developed eagerness in regard to the transformation, expansion and diversification of market demands towards Japanese culture. While studying the subject called the comparison of religions at Aoyamagakuin University, Yujiro’s passion lies in understanding the cultural diversities. Yujiro has various work experiences in the financial sector, law office as well as venture enterprises in Japan after graduation from university. Yujiro completed master degree in accounting and management on Sunshine Coast in Australia and has participated in the internship programme in doq® to contribute to the business relationship between Japan and a vast range of multicultural countries.

Daisuke Kondo

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Daisuke holds a Bachelor Degree from Waseda University’s Department of Commerce. In 2011, he joined Asatsu-DK inc where he worked with toy, video game clients.He was also involved in the formation of a broadcasting time zone called “late night animation” in collaboration with TV stations, contributing to the development of the Japanese animation culture.He is interested in delivering Japanese cultures to domestic but also all over the world. He began working at d.doq® in October 2017 as internship.

Shizuko Tanaka

Originally from Ibaraki, Japan, Shizuko holds a bachelor degree from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts in traditional metal crafts. In 2002, she began her career at an affiliated company for Japan Broadcasting Company (NHK). Shizuko worked as a television program director in the field of Fine Arts and Culinary. In 2013 when Japanese food was recognized as an UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, she produced the program “the beauty of the Japanese food” with an emphasis on seasonal produce and traditional culinary techniques. It was broadcasted both domestically and abroad, and was highly received. In 2016 Shizuko relocated from Tokyo to Sydney where she discovers a strong passionate following of Japanese culture. As her forte is Japanese cuisine and Fine Arts she hopes to offer a multi-faceted knowledge and joined the global team at doq as an intern.

Rio Suzuki

Originally from Tokyo, Japan. Rio is a Bachelor of Tourism student of Rikkyo University, Tokyo, currently studying business at University of New South Wales (UNSW) as an exchange student for 1 year. Rio majors tourism business and local macroeconomics to analyse how tourism can contribute to local community, which is based on her strong will to improve local community and economy by tourism. Rio decided to study abroad since her experiences such as doing internship at ryokan that focus on inbound tourists at Shibunaka Onsengo and field works at Asuka village, Nara.
She was attracted by projects of doq that promotes sightseeing attraction of Japanese government agencies and local government and has joined doq as an intern.

Our working style is influenced by our team's combined years of work experience across Japan, Australia, the United States and other countries.


our clients

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Australia
Japanese Film Festival
Japan Airlines
Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau
Hoshino Resorts Tomamu
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) UK
Johnson & Johnson
Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival
Japan External Trade Organization
The Japan Foundation
Aomori Prefecture
Triple Jump
The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR Sydney)
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Indonesia
Vitacain Pharmaceutical
Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Sumi Robata Bar
Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation
Vision Personal Training
University of New South Wales
Australian Graduate School of Management
All Nippon Airways
Japan Foundation Asia Center
Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Canada
Auburn City Council 
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Germany
Otsuka Pharmaceutical
RIKI Japow Guide
Schneider Electric
TOBU Railway


Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

All-encompassing marketing consulting, from strategy development to execution management from the
Oceania market.

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

All-encompassing marketing consulting, from strategy development to execution management from the Oceania market.

Utilising Australia and New Zealand markets as leading examples for English speaking markets for Hoshino Resorts Tomamu’s ski resort business, doq® has been engaged to create a comprehensive, cross cultural marketing campaign from planning through to execution. Campaigns have integrated the following services: Strategy Development, Creative Development, Media Planning & Buying, Social Media Management, B2B Marketing.

Japan National Tourism Organization

Planning and managing large scale Japan inbound destination marketing campaigns in Oceania, Europe, North America and Asia markets.

The Japan Foundation

Promoting Japanese films abroad as a singular brand

doq® has been engaged by the Japan National Tourism Organization to promote travel to Japan for consumers in Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Indonesia and Malaysia. From media planning and buying, creative development, digital marketing and event management, doq® has utilised its cross cultural skill set and unique network to enable working with in various countries, regardless of language, business culture or distance, to provide high quality solutions and results for clients.

The Japan Foundation

Promoting Japanese films abroad as a singular brand

The Japan Foundation

Promoting Japanese films abroad as a singular brand

The Japanese Film Festival first began in Australia in 1997 and has established itself as a prestigious film festival in the Oceania region, featuring solely Japanese films. doq® was engaged to rebrand the festival in 2013, implementing a comprehensive brand and sales campaign to go along with it, as member of Japanese Film Festival Operational and Management Committee. The Japanese Film Festival has achieved noteworthy success with a rapid growth in attendees (33,000 Australia-wide in 2014). doq® has continued to growth along with the Japanese Film Festival, as a leading strategic and creative partner for the JFF Asia Pacific Gateway Project, involving in total of 10 ASEAN countries in addition to Australia.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF)

Campaign promoting Japanese ingredients in Asia and Oceania markets, inclusive of celebrity endorsement, television commercial planning and production, media planning and buying and event planning and management

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF)

Campaign promoting Japanese ingredients in Asia and Oceania markets, inclusive of celebrity endorsement, television commercial planning and production, media planning and buying and event planning and management

doq® was engaged for MAFF’s Taste of Japan campaign with the aim of increasing the awareness and interest in purchasing Japanese ingredients in the Asia and Oceania markets. doq® secured the involvement of Adam Liaw, MasterChef Australia winner, cook, author and television presenter as the campaign ambassador, featuring Adam in the television commercial as well as the live events. Other facets of the campaign included television commercial creative development and production, event planning and implementation.

Aomori Prefecture

Annual marketing planning and management for
regional destination marketing in Japan, including
website development, a familiarisation trip, and media event

Aomori Prefecture

Annual marketing planning and management for regional destination marketing in Japan, including website development, a familiarisation trip, and media event

doq® was engaged to promote the Aomori region of Japan (located in the northern tip of the main island) to Australian travellers. Beginning with an analysis of the issues and cultural background of the area and the local government organisations that managed it, doq® proposed flexible solutions and an operation that met the client’s budget and needs.

Pranq (Japanese Film and Content Distribution Management Business)

Managing independent theatrical distribution
and rights in the Oceania region

Pranq (Japanese Film and Content Distribution Management Business)

Managing independent theatrical distribution and rights in the Oceania region

Established in 2013 as a branch of doq® Pty Ltd. pranq undertakes the distribution and rights management of Japanese films and content in the Oceania region. Recent titles owned and distributed by pranq include: BAKUMAN。, Thermae Romae I, Thermae Romae II, Lady Maiko, WOOD JOB! and The God of Ramen. Our passion lies in bringing Japanese culture to the Oceania region through Japanese films and content.

Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival

Rebranding, creative development, sponsor acquisition and management and cross cultural event consulting

Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival

Rebranding, creative development, sponsor acquisition and management and cross cultural event consulting

The doq® team was engaged by the Cumberland Council to bring cultural authenticity and engage the sponsorship of Japanese government organisations and companies to Australia’s largest cherry blossom festival, held in the Japanese Garden within the Auburn Botanic Gardens.

In 2016, the festival boasted over 50,000 attendees in its sixth year, breaking all previous records.

Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation

As an official representative of the Okinawa Prefectural Goverment, Promoting Okinawa's products, services and tourism in Australia Market.

Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation

As an official representative of the Okinawa Prefectural Goverment,
Promoting Okinawa’s products, services and tourism in Australia Market.

An innovative collaboration between the public and private sectors, Okinawa Prefecture and doq® engage in activities to create value from the assets and natural charm that Okinawa has to offer. For this initiative, doq® specialises in building strong relationships with trade partners, marketing strategy development, campaign implementation and gaining media exposure through TV, print and online media.

global partners


doq has been nominated as a finalist for the 2017 Premier’s NSW Export Awards.
Export Council of Australia Official Website

doq attended 2017 Premier’s NSW Export Awards ceremony and gala dinner at The Star.


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  • Date of Incorporation
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    15th April 2016
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Brand Marketing Consulting and Strategy Development
Cross Cultural Marketing Plan Development and Execution Management
Advertising Creative Solution Development
Digital Marketing Strategy Development and Execution Management
Offline and Online Media Planning and Buying
Event Planning and Management
Global Licencing and Distribution Development
Bridging Japan and the World’s Tourism, Art & Culture, Education, Businesses and Products


d.doq focuses on digital marketing solutions and is a
subsidiary company of doq®, For all of your digital
marketing enquiries, please visit:

Services provided:
Digital marketing
Social media marketing
Web design…and more

Company Name
d.doq Pty Ltd

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