doq® webinars examine the impact of COVID-19 for marketing strategy in Australia

Nov 29. 2020

When COVID-19 lockdowns first began in March and international travel came to a halt, many international brands questioned their presence in Australia. Being a Sydney-based cross-cultural marketing agency that specialises in assisting international clientele to navigate the Australian landscape, the team at doq® was highly cognisant to the uncertainty regarding the future of international mobility.

After weeks of working from home and learning to adjust to virtual communication, doq® decided to host webinars as a way to provide clients and partners with up-to-date information about the impact of COVID-19 on Australian behavior and the outlook for future developments.

The first webinar was held in June 2020 and introduced the Australian government’s response to COVID-19, including the country’s economic situation, changes in daily lifestyles, and how Australian companies were responding to these changes.

The second webinar, titled “Australian Tourism Market Update”, was held in August 2020 and featured a presentation by our Strategic Planner, Kota Nagami, as well as a panel discussion including the Executive Director of JNTO Sydney Office and Managing Director of All Nippon Airways Australia & Oceania. The panel discussion opened our speakers to questions and wider discourse about the changes in the Australian landscape.

In October, Nagami also participated as a panel speaker in an inbound seminar held by Japanese tourism media, Yamatogokoro, providing an Australian perspective on future travel forecasts. 

The webinars run by doq® had over 130 participants and it is encouraging to see that this is a topic of interest to international clientele. It is important that this information is accessible for those monitoring the Australian market, and the team at doq® is pleased to be in the position to track and analyse the ongoing changes.

doq® will continue to hold webinars to provide the latest information on Australia. The next webinar is scheduled for January 2021, when we hope for some developments in the Australian travel industry.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail:, if you are interested in our webinars.

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