doq Group Managing Director Yoshinori Sakuno publishes his first book in Japan

Dec 09. 2022

Delivering superior products to consumers around the world. A guide for Japanese companies of the future

doq Group Managing Director Yoshinori Sakuno has published his first book, “Cross-Cultural Marketing: How to Gain Global Customers from Japan” in Japan on 6th December 2022.

The book is published by Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd, Japan’s leading publisher of marketing, advertising, and public relations magazines and books, and it will be available at leading bookstores and online in Japan.

The book is aimed at Japanese executives, marketers, organisational decision-makers, and all challengers who face the shrinking Japanese market due to the declining birth rate and other factors and the need to develop overseas markets or for other generations. This book introduces methods for communicating new values to consumers with different cultures and values, using the “cross-cultural marketing” approach doq has practised.

It is hoped that this book will reach many Japanese companies and prompt them to take their first steps to enter Australia and other markets around the world in the future.

[Product Details]
Title: Cross-Cultural Marketing: How to Gain Global Customers from Japan
Author: Yoshinori Sakuno
Publisher: Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd
Price: 2,200 yen (2,000 yen + tax)
Pages: 268 pages
Available at: All major bookstores in Japan and online
*This book is written in Japanese.

[Table of Contents]
Introduction – The Key to Growth Starts with Looking Outside the Box
Prologue – Pioneers of Global Success
Chapter 1 – Cross-Cultural Mindset
Chapter 2 – Cross-Cultural Teams
Chapter 3 – Cross-Cultural Leaders
Chapter 4 – Cross-Cultural Partners
Chapter 5 – Cross-Cultural Messages
Chapter 6 – Cross-Culture Communication Design
Chapter 7 – Cross-Culture Digital Marketing
Chapter 8 – The Future of Cross-Culture Marketing
Chapter 9 – Cross-Cultural Entrepreneurship
Epilogue – Cross-Cultural Interviews
Conclusion – Gaining Global Customers from Japan

Yoshinori Sakuno

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