Japanaroo 2023: A Series of Independent Japanese Cultural Events, Now Accepting Applications

Jun 01. 2023

Organisations and companies interested in participating in “Japanaroo 2023” are now invited to submit applications.

“Japanaroo 2023” will be held from Saturday 9th to Sunday 24th September 2023.

Largely based in Sydney, “Japanaroo” is a series of independent Japanese cultural events coming together under the banner of “Japanaroo”. Acting as a public-private partnership, it promotes exchange and collaboration between Japan and Australia across culture, food, tourism, education, career development, sports, technology and innovation.

doq® will provide support for the marketing activities of the series of events during Japanaroo 2023.

Organisations and companies interested in participating in “Japanaroo 2023” by organising events during this period are now invited to submit their Application Form (to be submitted via a Google account by Friday 25th August 2023).

Early submission is strongly encouraged and all application forms must be received by 5pm, Friday 25th August 2023. No late application forms will be accepted. Also note that political or religious events will not be listed as a part of Japanaroo 2023. Funding and legal responsibility for individual events must be borne by the respective organisers, who will take all responsibility for any liabilities or damages incurred from their events.

Participating organisations and companies may use the Japanaroo promotional logo, and their events may be promoted on the official Japanaroo website and social media channels. In order for an event to be promoted on the official Japanaroo website and social media channels during the Japanaroo 2023 promotional period, all relevant promotional material including graphics and text must be submitted by Friday 25th August using the Application Form mentioned above. Regarding social media promotion (Facebook and Instagram), further details about social media promotion will be sent to participating organisations after registration.

Successfully registered organisations will receive an email informing them that they are able to use the Japanaroo logo for their own promotional material; the email will include a link to the logo and a link to the social media promotion guide.

Events that do not meet the Japanaroo criteria will also be informed by email.

*The key visual is designed by Ken Done.

*In the event you are unable to use a Google account to submit your expression of interest, please contact japanaroo.info@gmail.com for assistance.

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