East Japan Railway Company

doq® has been conducting annual marketing planning, digital promotions, website creation, Facebook operations and distribution of press releases as a local representative of Japan Railway East (JR East)


doq® is responsible for JR East’s annual marketing in Australia, the US and the UK. The core aim is to increase sales of the JR EAST PASS to travellers with longer stays and high travel spending while in Japan, which are primarily the western markets.

In particular, doq® has been focusing on strengthening online reservations, developing seasonal websites and digital campaigns.

To create interest in tourist locations along the JR East line and to expand sales of the JR EAST PASS, doq® has produced seasonal websites and digital promotions for JR East. In addition, a special Rugby World Cup 2019 micro-site, media campaigns, and more were created to promote and increase the interest and numbers of Australians visiting Japan.

doq® has been conducting local representative activities in the Australian market to expand the recognition of JR East Railway services and tourist destinations along the railway lines. Alongside the operation and management of JR East’s English Facebook page and distributing monthly press releases to the media, doq® is engaged in a wide range of promotional activities such as exhibiting on behalf of the client at the World Travel Expo – Australia’s largest travel expo.

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