doq® has been working to increase the number of customers from English-speaking countries to Aomori Prefecture by implementing an annual marketing plan that included the production of a tourism website, the planning and management of trade shows and media trips to Aomori Prefecture.


The project has aimed to increase the general awareness and interest of consumers in Oceania to Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan. doq® can propose flexible solutions to suit the needs and goals of Japanese Government bodies who are clients.

doq® has been continuing to produce websites for overseas markets, operate and manage Facebook and conduct Australian media tours to raise the awareness of Aomori Prefecture as a tourist destination for Western consumers.

Branching off Aomori Prefecture’s main attractions of Hakkoda in the winter and Hirosaki’s cherry blossoms in the spring, doq® is promoting a wide variation of seasonal activities and the bountiful nature that is signature to this prefecture.

doq® was able to carry out a wide range of public relation activities, including planning and managing a booth for Aomori Prefecture at the 2019 Snow Travel Expo in Sydney and Melbourne, and the World Travel Expo – Australia’s largest travel expo.

doq is also closely working with local media to raise the awareness of the prefecture during the COVID-19 period. By collaborating with a BtoB travel media, doq held an online seminar to give an overview and seasonal beauty of each tourist spot in Aomori Prefecture.

Virtual Tour: A destination for ALL seasons you can fall in love with? That’s Aomori in northern Japan!

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