doq® has been working with Takagi Co., Ltd., Japan’s number one tap manufacturer, to expand their business into the Australian market and promote their Australian branded built-in filtration product, Taqua.


doq® performed market research and took part in strategic planning to promote the Taqua brand, and conducted various marketing campaigns to help increase brand awareness and gain new customers.
doq® also led participation in expo events and the media including TV infomercials, magazine advertorials and securing influential brand ambassadors to represent the product in the Australian market.

Based on the highly sophisticated black tone, doq® recreated key visuals focusing on the core values of the Taqua brand which are “Technology” and “Simplicity”. doq® led a rebrand with these new key visuals including the website, product brochures, and advertising images for media.

For new customer acquisition and direct PR activity, Takagi Australia Pty Ltd and doq® carried out an event at B2B and B2C exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne. At the B2B event, Takagi was able to build relationships with builders and developers and at the B2C event, Takagi succeeded in face-to-face product promotion to consumers who were interested in construction and home renovation.

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