The Japan Foundation Asia Center, Phnom Penh Liaison Office

To increase the awareness and the number of test-takers of the JFT-Basic (Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese) in Cambodia, doq® has conducted a local research project and digital marketing.


doq® provided various marketing solutions to increase the number of test-takers for JFT-Basic, a Japanese language proficiency test for non Japanese speakers in Cambodia.
To gain the best results, we conducted field research, managed digital advertising based on the results of our research and launched a tailor-made online learning platform ‘TOBIRA’.

In order to understand the situation and awareness of JFT-Basic in Cambodia, doq® conducted a large-scale quantitative survey mainly in Phnom Penh. We also conducted a qualitative survey of Cambodians who had worked in Japan in the past and those who wished to go abroad so that we could grasp insight of Cambodians and implement to our promotion, including Facebook management and advertising.

By launching the online learning platform ‘TOBIRA’, doq® has provided a place for Cambodians to learn Japanese more easily online. The platform includes basic information on JFT-Basic, a Japanese textbook in Khmer and details on visas for those who wish to live in Japan.

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