Tobu Railway

doq® has been conducting annual marketing promotion as a local representative of Tobu Railway.


doq® is responsible for Tobu Railway’s annual promotion in the Oceania market to increase sales of the Tobu’s discount pass and the number of visitors to the designed network areas.

doq® has been conducting local representative activities in the Oceania market to expand the recognition of Tobu Railway, its group companies and tourist destinations along the railway lines.

doq® is engaged in a wide range of promotional activities to expand the recognition of Tobu Railway services and tourist destinations.
Despite the effects that Covid-19 has had on the travel industry in Australia, doq® has continued to create original content that gained interest and media pickup for the Tobu Railway and their destinations.

We also carry out a wide range of public relations activities, including planning and managing a booth at the World Travel Expo – Australia’s largest travel expo as well as BtoB business meeting.

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