Gunma Prefecture

doq® has been conducting an online media promotion as a local representative of Gunma Prefecture.


doq® is responsible for Gunma Prefecture’s winter promotion in the Australian market to increase the awareness of the prefecture as a winter destination.

doq® has been working to raise the awareness and increase the number of consumers from Australia to Gunma Prefecture by implementing online media promotion with local ski media.

With an eye on the post-COID-19, doq collaborated with local ski media to raise the profile and branding of Gunma Prefecture as a snow resort with easy access from Tokyo to the Australian market.

While the overseas travel to Japan has been restricted due to the COVID-19, we could see a lot of engagement from ski fans visiting Japan. In addition to the desire to lift the ban on travel to Japan, many expressed on SNS their understanding of Gunma Prefecture as a snow destination and their expectations for their next visit.

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